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Author Topic: Board Usage Terms & Disclaimer & Privacy Policy  (Read 153377 times)
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The Unofficial Iberostar Message Board is operated for the convenience and enjoyment of its users by Ib-Board.com, and has no connection, financial or otherwise, with the Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.

The Ib-Board.com is not responsible for the content of external websites.

The management of Ib-Board.com reserves the right to remove or edit any message or to discontinue the operation of the board or any of its individual forums at any time.

Members are not allowed to promote other travel agencies using their links, names, phone numbers, email addresses or via Iberostar Board personal messaging. Failure to adhere to these rules may result in being banned from the forum.

Users are required to register for a username and password to post messages to any forum. It is the User's responsibility to keep their login information in a safe place and to update their Profile as necessary. We do not know what your username or password is and cannot retrieve them for you.

You agree, through your use of this forum, that you will not post any material which is false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise in violation of ANY law. This is not only humorous, but legal actions can be taken against you. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have consent from the owner of the copyrighted material. Spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are also inappropriate to this forum.

All comments are posted immediately, but will be monitored for inappropriate content. Be aware, in accordance with the Communications Decency Act and provisions upheld in judicial appeal, that you are responsible for comments posted on this Web site.


The Iberostar Message Board is not liable for messages from third parties.

IP addresses of persons who post are not treated as confidential records.

Do not post:
* Potentially libelous statements or damaging innuendo.
* Obscene, explicit, or racist language.
* Personal attacks, insults or threats.
* The use of another person's real name to disguise your identity.

Do not post misquotes, or any false information. Do not link to any offensive material or false information. Do not attack any person, member, moderator or member of the Iberostar-Board.com staff. Please note: It's OK to disagree with someone's opinion, but don't make it personal. Do not use inappropriate or excessive amounts of AIM speak, i.e. “U” instead of “you” or “are” instead of “R.” Good grammar, please. Do not attempt to bypass the swear filter using any other characters. Do not recreate a post or topic that a Iberostar-Board.com moderator has removed, locked or deleted.  Do not deliberately make posts directed to irritate other members or other forum administrators.

The Iberostar Message Board provides an interactive computer service and does not endorse and is not responsible for statements, advice or opinions offered by anyone on these forums.

Note that it is impossible for us to confirm the validity of posts on this forum. Please remember that we do not actively monitor the posted messages and are not responsible for their content. We do not warrant the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information presented. The messages express the views of the author, not necessarily the views of this forum. Anyone who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to notify an administrator of this forum immediately. We have the rights to remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if we determine that removal is necessary. This is a manual process, however, so please realize that we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately. This policy goes for member profile information as well.

You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this forum, and any related websites to this forum. We at this forum also reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any information we have about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any information posted by you.

It is your responsibility to present clean and accurate information. Any information we deem inaccurate or vulgar will be removed.

Please note that with each post, your IP address is recorded, in the event that you need to be banned from this forum or your ISP contacted.

You are solely responsible for any and all attachments that you post to this forum. You may not post files to this forum which contain copyrighted material that you do not have permission from the author to post.

The owners of Iberostar Message Board reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread or ban any member for any reason.

The owners of Iberostar Message Board reserve the right to remove an email address of any member from the database for any reason. Valid email address required at all times for security reasons.

The owners of Iberostar Message Board reserve the right not to send or email advertising information pertaining to Mr.Iberostar.com and Iberostar-Board.com travel products to any member for any reason.

The username cannot be URL.

All messages posted on the board and its forums are the responsibility of the individual posting such message. Iberostar-Board.com takes no responsibility for the contents of any message not posted by its management. Information found on this Iberostar Board does not come from official sources and should not be considered as authoritative or accurate in any way unless so stated in the message. Iberostar-Board.com and/or it's advertisers take no responsibility for lost or misdirected messages.

When writing your messages, please use the same courtesy that you would show when speaking face-to-face with someone. Flames, insults, and personal attacks will not be tolerated. It's fine to disagree strongly with opinions, ideas, and facts, but always with respect for the other person. Great minds do not always think alike, and that's where the fun is! Any messages judged by Iberostar Board to be in poor taste, inappropriate or unrelated to all inclusive vacations will be edited or removed without notice. Material that is obscene, excessively vulgar, pornographic, racist, or of a religious nature will be deleted.

You are allowed to SHOUT, YELL AND SCREEEEEAM every once in a while, but regular posts written in all caps will not be accepted. Also, DO NOT WRITE YOUR POST TITLES IN ALL CAPS! Only Moderators and Administrators are allowed to write post titles in all caps; this helps users to easily differentiate official posts from other posts.

Take it easy with your signature! Please don't use large images or put too much 'stuff' in your signature. Feel free to add a nice message to your signature, however you may not use the signature space to add invisible content of any type(text color the same or nearly the same as the background). You may not use your signature to add promotional links to 3rd party sites without permission. The forum is not for medical advice Please consult your physician or GP.

Commercial advertising of any kind is prohibited, will be removed when found. This board is only for Iberostar Hotels & Resorts discussion. Don't write anything that you would regret later.

It is prohibited to use the forum or private message system to send offers of goods or services. The forums are NOT classified ads. It is prohibited to use the forums as a marketing tool for condos, villas, or other goods or services. Posts containing links to providers of goods or services which are also offered by this website will be removed. Anyone found to be using multiple user memberships for the purpose of flaming, spamming, or any other unauthorized use, will be permanently banned.

Solicitations of any kind for external Web sites or products are not permitted. Iberostar Board reserves the right to remove content deemed "too commercial".

First offences will be deleted and the writer will be warned. Second offences will cause the banning of the writer.

These rules are in place to help create a better community for exchange of information. Do not try to subvert our rules or judgement calls. This will result in restricted user rights. If you have any questions about any moderation practices or why something was moderated, contact me directly in a PM, do not start a thread about it.

We appreciate everyone's anticipated cooperation so that we may continue to operate the very popular Iberostar Board for many years to come.

Ib-Board Privacy Policy

Iberostar-Board has a strong commitment to providing excellent service to all of our customers, including respecting their concerns about privacy. We understand that visitors to our website may have questions about how this website collects and uses information. We have prepared this statement to inform you of the privacy principles that govern Iberostar-Board.com and Mr.Iberostar.com

This statement contains numerous general and technical details about the steps we take to respect your privacy concerns. The bottom line is that meeting your needs and expectations form the foundation of everything we do - including protecting your privacy. This website does not collect personally identifiable information from your computer when you browse the site. This means that, unless you voluntarily and knowingly provide us with personally identifiable information, we will not know your name, your e-mail address, or any other personally identifiable information. Internet Protocol (IP)

Information Use
If you provide us with your E-mail address, or have done so in the past, we may upon occasion send you E-mail offers. Mr.Iberostar.com and Ib-Board.com may use information you have given us only for the purpose of sending you advertising information pertaining to Mr.Iberostar.com travel products. We never sell or provide the information obtained on this site to third parties.

Declining E-mail Offers
Our site provides customers with an easy means to decline receiving E-mail offers. At any time, you may request to discontinue receiving these offers from us by simply replying to the E-mail and informing us of your preferences.

Address: An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you browse the Internet. When users request a page from our site, our servers log the user's current IP address. We use IP addresses to help diagnose problems. We do not link IP addresses to any personally identifiable information about you.

Cookies: Our website uses "cookie" technology. "Cookies" are strings of text that a website may store on a user's computer. Our website uses cookies but only requires them in the online reservation process. Cookies enable our website to keep track of your preferences and activities relating to the website. Our website creates session cookies for each visit in order to facilitate your visit.

Use of Cookies for Advertising - we use third party service providers to serve and host our advertisements. These third parties use persistent cookies to track the number of times our site is accessed and whether the site was accessed from the advertisement. The cookies generated from the advertisements do not contain personally identifiable information and may remain on your hard drive three or more years unless deleted by you.

At no time is personally identifiable information about you or your reservation collected by the third party advertising company allowed to be used by them for any other purpose other than to report web site activity to us or allow us to better target future interactive advertising. Information We Collect: When we need to collect personally identifiable information from you, we will ask you to voluntarily supply us with the information we need.

Consumers who want further information about Ib-Board.com privacy policy may contact us by an email address, phone or fax number.

Our customer service will handle customer concerns about the privacy of their personal information, provide clear answers to consumers' questions about the privacy of the information we collect and allow consumers to correct their account or transaction information.

Securing the Transmission and Storage of Information: All credit card applications listed with Ib-Board.com use a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) line provided you are using a SSL enabled browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. This ensures that your information is encrypted as it travels over the Internet. This secure mode is enabled before any such information is transmitted from your computer. You will know you are in secure mode when the padlock or key icon in the lower right-hand or left-hand corner of the computer screen appears in the locked position. You will usually only see this icon only when you are filling out an application. In addition, when accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from "http" to "https."

Ib-Board.com Privacy Statement Changes: In the future, we may need to change the privacy statement for Ib-Board.com. All changes will be made here so that you will always know what information we gather, how we might use that information and whether we will disclose it to anyone.

The owners of Iberostar Message Board reserve right to amend Board Usage Terms & Disclaimer & Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice.

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