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Author Topic: "Book here!! Lush paradise, best vacation, amazing people, unforgettable time"  (Read 2684 times)
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« on: February 01, 2005, 11:48:15 AM »

Visited: Nov 13-20th 2004 (2 single girls, aged 25-27)
This resort is absolutely fabulous --- Don't look twice at other resorts! Book this one!!! Email me with all of your questions!! Words can’t describe how beautiful this place is! My friend and I stayed for one week and we had the most amazing time!! This was our first all-inclusive vacation, and I knew i would enjoy it but i didn’t realize just how wonderful it would be. Befor this trip, I had always thought that if I did more travelling that I would go to different resorts and countries each time, but after this vacation .... i just want to keep coming back to the Iberostar! When speaking with many different people from other resorts that I met on my beach walks, they would sound jealous when they heard that we were staying at the Iberostar. It definitely has the best reputation in this part of Puerto Plata / Playa Grande area. We felt so blessed that we were at the really nice resort. It was definitely known as the most beautiful and classiest resort in this area of the dominican.

The hotel and gardens and grounds and pool are impeccable!
The grounds are so exotic and lush and when we first arrived, we were overwhelmed with how beautiful the surroundings were. We couldn’t stop taking pictures! Marble floors, beautiful roman columns, stunning architecture, outdoor terraces, lovely gazebo for weddings and live music/bands, peacocks and flamingos, turtle pond, beautiful walkways, umbrella huts and lounges everywhere so you could find shade from the sun or cover from the rain, beautiful, huge pool with lots of different sections for swimming with cool jacuzzi in the middle of the pool. wonderful gardens within each hotel building complex, separating the different buildings. We also loved the spa. We would go there a few times a day to relax in the hot or cool jacuzzi's Smiley make sure you make use of it!! And the massage is really nice too.

Wonderful view of ocean and the waves are magnificent to look at. The beach has lots of nice trees for abundant shade and tonnes of lounges for relaxing.The ocean breeze is amazing and there is a bunch of coral reef for snorkeling right off the shore. **Make sure you take a walk along the beach.... you get an amazing view of the huge bay and the mountain behind the resort and the sunsets, and you get some good exercise Wink and there are some huts/shops where you can get souvenirs... but make sure you bargain to get a lower price, no matter how persistent they are to sell it at too high of a price. also, it was really fun to walk past other resorts and i even walked into a few and looked around to compare. we definitely felt very lucky and blessed with how nice ours was in comparison.

we had rain 4 days and sun 3 days. it wasn’t crazy hot, but not cool. it was warmish. they consider november still a part of hurricane season so it was rainy a lot the week we went and windy/breezy, wavy water, but the rain would go for a few mins and then stop and so it was more like flash rains. but the resort is equipped well with so many covered lounges and walkways all around that have a roof so you can stay dry. on the days that were sunny, it was really hot and lovely to get into the pool to cool off. i can only imagine how hot it gets in the summer months....

THE SERVICE AND THE SERVERS/WORKERS ARE AMAZING: The servers in all the restaurants, especially Cesarin and Marino in the main buffet were so efficient and always there when we needed them! We ended up sitting in their section all the time because they were so much fun. All the maids and people at reception, the restaurant workers, the bartenders, the hosts and the entertainment team and groundskeepers were so friendly and always making you smile or laugh. They became like extended family during your stay. We loved how each night there was a different theme and they would have almost a mini cheering party or music time outside the main buffet welcoming everyone in when dinner was started.

THE STAR FRIENDS (animacion / entertainment team) would go around all day getting you involved in sports, activities, fun things, spanish lessons, aerobics, dance lessons, or just going around acting goofy to make everyone laugh. We had our particular favourites like Francisco and Caesar (also a host) and Cecilia who were a hoot. There were a few of them who were over the top but the Star Friends made the time so much more amusing and entertaining! They livened up the atmosphere and it was sad to say bye to so many of them!

FOOD: was excellent. Always a huge selection in the main buffet. It was huge and we learned after a few days that we didn’t need to stuff ourselves because there is food 24 hours a day. There is always a restaurant or snack bar open throughout any hours of the day. We were never lacking for food. Make sure you try the smoothies for breakfast in the main buffet!! mmm!!! and we loved how there was always icecream in the poolside restaurant during the day. Or a latenight sandwich at the mexican restaurant for snacks in the middle of the night. We were especially impressed with the Mexican Restaurant and the Tropical Restaurant which we went to near the end of our stay and the live musicians playing at your table was a definite highlight Smiley

Get involved in the fun activities going on daily. I’m so glad i got involved and just let loose! The pool aerobics or stretching class on the beach was so much fun and good exercise... table tennis... darts... horseshoes... spanish lessons,... dancing lessons... archery... and I went scuba diving for the first time !!!! (take the free lesson in the pool with Francisco) and i loved it so much that I booked to go on a half day diving trip to Sosua Beach with the Diving Club right at the resort. It was such an awesome new skill to learn and i made a lot of friends at the scuba diving centre. Francisco, Welding, Raoul and Haika are just great!

TOURS: we booked through Martin Espinal / Isaira Tours, who have a great reputation with tourists and are fullly insured. (website: www.isairatours.com and email: espinal30@hotmail.com) Wonderful friendly people, and great prices and they are situated about 1 minute away from the resort, on the same road, in front of the Marien Coral resort. We emailed them 2 weeks before leaving and looked at their website and set up a time to meet them when we first arrived. They picked us up right at resort and took us to their office, and bought the trip. We went on the outback safari trip and loved every moment of it! Our tour guide Angel (a guy) was the most hilarious guy and he was also very informative. And even though it rained for the whole first half of the day, we all had so much fun and learned about the Real Dominican.... you go through a mountain, villages, forest, boogie boarding on a secluded beach, a boat ride through a neat river, visit a typical dominican home and a fruit plantation, see a kids school (bring toys and candies to give the c hildren) and there was pop/soda and rum served all day long on the truck. We had a blast and loved seeing what the country and people outside of the resort looked like. We highly recommend this tour if you want to see the real world there and meet some great tour guides. Angel was awesome.

ENTERTAINMENT / evening shows were the highlight of the whole vacation. We looked forward to them every night and it was evident that we were staying in a good resort compared to the other ones along the beach and in the Playa Dorada complex down the bay... some friends i made at other resorts said their entertainment was the same all the tiime and not very impressive. We never had that problem. There were different shows each night and we were cheering and clapping constantly because we loved each show. They had wonderful talented singers and dancers that impressed me a lot. The sets were great and they would have their own live Star Band to do all the music. We loved the hosts (especially Caesar) so much and their hilarious way of stopping the music “SHOO-PAH!” - it made us laugh every time. There were lots of activities for kids too and they did an excellent job of getting the kids all involved in the shows. Seemed like it was wonderful for couples and families especially here at this resort. Get involved and do all you can... the ice breakers to get the audience involved were sometimes nervewracking because they’d get you to do crazy things but a vacation is all about doing new things and so I’m so glad i got involved. They would get everyone up on stage to do the Iberostar dance which was hilarious and fun because I never quite mastered it even after many evenings. fun fun. Then after the shows were done, they would have live music and lounge singers on the gazebo/terrace outside and it was the most romantic atmosphere. The disco was also really fun and they would have different dance competitions... i want to take dance lessons now! There were a lot of couples and a lot of weddings that happened and so it was a veryyyy romantic place. If anyone is getting married in the caribbean, this is definitely a great place to do it. if i were to get married in the caribbean, i would definitely come here to the Iberostar. They had a beautiful setting and live musicians playing at the ceremony, all the food and candles and seating and cake was taken care of and the spa has some amazing makeup and hair artists that did amazing jobs.

-DRESSY CLOTHES FOR THE EVENINGS: if you’re a girl/woman, bring quite a few skirts, dressy tops and dresses, sundresses or evening cocktail dresses. This resort is quite classy at night and it was definitely more dressy in the evenings for the shows and dancing. Luckily I brought a couple dressy outfits but when you’re there for a week or even 2 weeks, you’ll want to have more. I loved the fact that it was a classy environment and for a chance to get all dolled up. Guys didn’t have to dress up as much but a couple nice short sleeve dress tops and tie and nice dress pants and belt are a must.
-BRING A RAIN PONCHO - we happened to go at end of hurricane season and it was still quite windy and rainy, but still it didn’t ruin our vacation because it’s still beautiful, and the people are wonderful and so many activities... but we were so thankful we brought a rain poncho. you can get a cheap one at any dollar store. we brought it on our Outback Safari tour and it was a lifesaver.
-BRING SUNSCREEN / ADVIL / TYLENOL / PEPTO BISMOL / GRAVOL / IMMODIUM just in case. either for the flight, or for your vacation/stay. anything you have to buy here in the way of medication or creams or sunscreen is either very expensive or you can’t find it. in my case, i never had to use any medication, except for soothing cream for a few blisters. and the great thing is there were no bugs. it took us 3 days to spot one bug. that was nice!
-IRON/IRONING BOARD - they have an iron and ironing board at the reception desk. All you have to do is sign it out for 2 hrs and then return it, no charge.

Overall, this place is awesome. You will be so glad you booked here and you will have a relaxing time, an entertaining time, a fun time, a romantic time and you will meet so many wonderful people. I will definitely return here the next time I have a chance to come to the Caribbean. This was my little place of paradise for one week Smiley
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IBEROSTAR HOTELS & RESORTS UNOFFICIAL MESSAGE BOARD | IBEROSTAR REVIEWS & PHOTOS  |  IBEROSTAR COSTA DORADA - PUERTO PLATA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (North Coast)  |  (LEAVE OR READ) A REVIEW OF IBEROSTAR COSTA DORADA  |  Topic: "Book here!! Lush paradise, best vacation, amazing people, unforgettable time" « previous next »
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