Montego Bay - Emergency and Useful Numbers, Hospitals & Clinics


Montego Bay - Emergency and Useful Numbers, Hospitals & Clinics

Emergencies -- Dial tel. 110 to report a fire or call an ambulance. Dial tel. 119 for the police.

US Embassy Emergency Contact Phone Numbers
Kingston -(876) 929-4850 thru 9;
Montego Bay -(876) 952-0160/5050

142 Old Hope Road
Kingston, Jamaica
Americanís in Distress:
Duty Officer
St. James Place, 2nd Floor
Gloucester Avenue
Montego Bay, Jamaica

Emergency #: Fire Brigade Mo Bay 940-1341/6466
Police Dept Mo Bay 952-2417 / 0552

Mobay Hope Medical Centre
P.O Box 2520
Half Moon Post Office
Rose Hall, Montego Bay Jamaica.
Telephone: (876) 953-3649/ 3981/ 9310/ 2712
Telefax: (876) 953-9160

The biggest hospital in Montego Bay is Cornwall Regional Hospital at Mount Salem (tel. 876/952-5100). An alternative clinic, Montego Bay Hope (tel. 876/953-3649), is associated with the Half Moon resort. There's also the Doctor's Hospital in the suburb of Freeport (tel. 876/979-8983 or 876/953-6008). Patients in emergency situations who can afford it are sometimes flown to Miami, where medical facilities are better.

Dr. Charles Hastings General Practice   
Address:   Montego Clinic
11 Dome St.
Montego Bay
Tel:  + 876 952 2338

Dr. Rosemary King - Donglas General Practice
Address:   1 Mount Salem Main Road,
P.O.Box 1350
Montego Bay
Tel:  + 876 971 8201

Drugstores -- One of the best pharmacies in Montego Bay is Clinicare Pharmacy, 14A Market St. (tel. 876/952-8510), open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm. Note that local pharmacies will only accept a prescription if it has been issued by or "endorsed by," (i.e., countersigned by) a Jamaican doctor. If whatever ails you might be handled with an over-the-counter medication, ask the pharmacist to recommend something.

Post Office -- Many visitors buy Jamaican stamps as collector's items, as they are often flamboyant. The chief post office in Montego Bay is in the center of town at 122 Barnett St. (tel. 876/952-7389). It is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Internet Access -- Your best bet if your hotel isn't equipped is Irie Tech, 17 Harbour St. (tel. 876/971-6057; It's open Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm.


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